Packing for college is surprisingly stressful.  I don’t like having my room at home empty!


College! (almost)


I’m Archi, a college freshman in the US, just about to begin college (aka the huge transition).

I’m seventeen years old, from a medium-sized town in the Midwest.  I’ve lived there all my life — until now!  I’m moving four hours away from home, so I’ll be going back home a lot, and seeing my family and friends when they come to visit.  I expect to be a little homesick, but not overwhelmingly.  I’m going to miss my dog a lot, because I won’t have a warm furry friend to snuggle up to; I’ll also miss my baby goats which I got just a year ago.  Luckily my parents will be able to care for them when I’m gone, so they’ll still be fed and everything.  I’ll also, of course, miss my family: my parents and little brother.  My brother and I hang out a lot, and it’s going to be difficult leaving him behind, especially since he just started middle school and I’m used to helping him with homework.  Hopefully we can skype!

I’ve (almost) always had my own room at home, so it might be a bit strange having a roommate at college.  I’ve talked to her, and she seems super nice and awesome!  We have a lot of similar interests, so I think we’ll get along well.  I’ll also have to share a bathroom with half of my floor (I’d guess about 15-20 people), which will be… interesting…

The other giant part of college is, of course, academics!  I’m super lucky to have college experience already, as I went to an early college program at high school.  It was at a state university, and I got to take “real” college classes before I even turned fifteen!  The school I’m going to now is a lot smaller, so the classes will be different, but I’m lucky to know many tips and tricks that “normal” college freshman don’t know.

I have less than a week to get everything ready to go to school.  I’m excited and nervous, but ready!

My future posts will probably be about: college in general, little stories about weird things that happen, how I miss home, and loads more.

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